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CrystalDiskInfo 7.0.3

CrystalDiskInfo Review:

 A number of people face hard disk failures, which might be the result of excessive temperature build-up in the processor or in the hard disk driver unit. The major impact is on your effort and labor that you had put on your project or some other stuff, which was still in the "only" hard disk. CrystalDiskInfo is a small, lightweight tool that can save you from horrendous impacts by monitoring its health and giving away pieces of advice to save it before it is too late.


 CrystalDiskInfo is a program for HDD or SSD utilities that supports a part of the USB and Intel RAID. It is an open source based hard disk monitoring software and there are not many out there that can do a wonderful job. 
 - It displays all the relevant information of the hard disk, like the make, brand, serial number, capacity, used and unused space, transfer mode, interface, size of buffer, drive letter, NV or non volatile cache size, rotation rate and power ON count and hours. These form all the basic hardware related information.
 - Apart from these, it also displays the average temperature of this device, accumulated from all the temperature sensors on the hard disk. There is also a display telling you, the health status of the hard disk.


 The UI is minimalistic in nature and easy to use by both novice and professionals. There are, additionally, many other attributes belonging to a hard disk and it lists them in an order and displays their current value, worst value, threshold and the real values. These are the results of real-time monitoring  of your hard drive or solid state drive. It also has a toolbar which has other tabs like "File", "Edit", "Function", "Theme", "Disk", "Help" and "Language". Hence, you will find it very easy to access all the important information in a tabbed manner without having to scroll lists of pages like in other professional software.


 Their current release offers all these important features, but also doesn't cover some devices like Intel RAID (IRST) as it does not support CSMI and Crystal DiskInfo can't read its information. 

 You can download from various editions and versions ranging from Standard Edition, Simple, Full and Ultimate. These also vary in absolute sizes starting from 3.7MB, 13MB, 88MB and 203MB. These all releases also have their portable companions that goes around 4.1, 13, 88 and 203 MB respectively, but in compressed .zip files.

Changes on the new version:
Preliminary support Intel SSD 750 (NVMe)
*Required Intel NVMe Driver
Preliminary support SAMSUNG SSD 950 PRO (NVMe)
Preliminary support SAMSUNG SM951 (NVMe)
*Required Samsung NVMe Driver
Merged Minkyu Kim's code (Super Thanks for NVMe support!!)
Fixed crash on old CPU w/o SSE2 (6.6.0~)
Updated language files (Korean, Simplified Chinese)
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